Monday, 3 September 2012

A Quick Peek Under the Covers: Feather Canyons Everywhere

A Quick Peek Under the Covers

Episode 1

Feather Canyons Everywhere


I would like to begin a semi-regular feature on this blog, during which I will review a piece of music and one or more alternate arrangements, settings, or cover versions, as long as they are superior in some respect to the original (or at least offer something interesting the original does not).

If you have any songs you would like me to review, please post them in the comments!


Both Sides, Now

"Both Sides, Now" is a song by Alberta-born singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell. According to her, she was inspired to write the song while flying and reading Henderson the Rain King, by Saul Bellow. (I know of neither the book nor the author.)

Mitchell wrote the song in 1967. It was first recorded commercially by singer/songwriter Judy Collins in 1968, while Mitchell herself recorded it for her 1969 album Clouds. (1)