Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sexist Ads for Video Games

Sexist Ads for Video Games

While browsing the Internet recently, I have come across a series of advertisements for a video game that in my view can most accurately be described as sexist. Here are two examples, although I have come across others:

It strikes me as more than a bit odd that, in the twenty-first century, with near parity among video game players, any game developer or distributor would allow advertisers to tell close to half their potential market of players: "Sorry, not for you!"

(It also strikes me as odd that the art for one of the advertisements is an unambiguous rip-off of the Blood Elf from the famous online multiplayer game World of Warcraft, which I dare say you, dear reader, have at the very least heard of.)

With a little digging in, we find that the game that is being advertised, Wartune, is, visually speaking, a bit of a throwback to ye olde gaming days, when men were real geeks and women were real eye candy. (Incidentally, the link I have given introducing the game is to the company which appears to be some sort of distributor - the official game site of the developer is here.)

A cursory review of the game's artwork suggests that, first, the developers want to soak players in T & A, and second, they have a predilection for tapdancing on (if not crossing over) the line of copyright infringement:

Why, where have I seen a creature such as this before...?

Hmmm.... it's just not coming to me.

Doesn't this look familiar?

Well, if you take this dragon...

- and merge it with this dragon...
("Well, Timmy, it goes like this: when an undead frost dragon and a fiery lava dragon love each other very much...")

Anyway, this isn't a review of the game itself, merely a passing remark at its dubious marketing strategy, which, I'm pleased to say, hasn't gone unnoticed elsewhere. I will leave you with this joke pie chart:

(I particularly appreciate that, as if to prove the point of the pie chart, this image includes a Wartune ad that serves as an exemplar of precisely the sort of ad the joke lampoons.)

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