Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Canada Votes 2015: The Big Shift

Canada Votes 2015

The Big Shift's √Čric Grenier has been running the CBC's Poll Tracker over the course of the 2015 Canadian federal election campaign. (The Poll Tracker is, essentially, 308's poll aggregator system, ported to CBC).

One of the interesting developments over the first month of the campaign is that the federal Liberal and Conservative parties (henceforth LPC and CPC) have traded places: where in early August (when the election was called), the CPC was polling neck-and-neck with the New Democratic Party (NDP) and the LPC was trailing by a significant margin, now the CPC is trailing and the LPC and NDP are neck-and-neck. (Indeed, the most recent Nanos poll gives the LPC a slight, if statistically indistinguishable, lead.)